About US

Hey there!

We’re Mark and Manjit, the dynamic “Software Testing Duo.” With our combined wealth of experience, we’ve made significant contributions to the tech industry, steering major IT projects and propelling digital transformations. Our journey has been marked by nurturing the growth of countless software testing team members.

Mark's Story

Greetings, I’m Mark, the co-founder of Onion Training Academy. I bring to the table nearly three decades of software testing expertise. My journey began back in the 80s aboard HMS Repulse, eventually leading me to work with prestigious names like Sony, Nokia, EE, Virgin and more. The 80s marked the inception of my software testing journey, but it was in 1998 when I embarked on a contracting adventure with Viag Interkom in Munich. This leap brought me not only immense satisfaction but also impressive paychecks. Testing, to me, is a realm of endless opportunities – a field where you’re never out of work and have the potential to earn substantially.

Manjit's Journey

Hello, I’m Manjit, the other co-founder of Onion Training Academy. My software testing experience spans 25 years and throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with notable names such as Symbian, Nokia, Visa, O2 and Virgin. Interestingly, my entry into the world of software testing wasn’t planned. In 1998, fresh out of university, I found myself thrust into a 3-month secondment to test a new billing system for Y2K compliance. That unexpected experience ignited my passion for testing, propelling me into a journey that I wholeheartedly embraced.

Collectively, we possess over five decades of industry wisdom. In 2023, we harnessed this vast expertise to establish Onion Training Academy. We sought to share our insights and experiences, culminating in a one-of-a-kind software testing course designed to empower individuals and redefine their career paths. At Onion Training Academy, we’re not just educators – we’re mentors, guides and companions on your journey to success in the world of software testing.